Monday, 30 November 2009

This one time at band camp...

Items in this set:
Kind cardigan, 225 GBP
LnA t shirt, 50 GBP
Farhi t shirt, 30 GBP
TopShop jeans, 40 GBP
Azzedine Alaia boots, 1,100 GBP

I spotted this cardigan type jacket type piece and instantly fell in love! It's definitely a statement piece, but one that is totally wearable and fun too! The band geek chic is cute! Also, those boots! I used to be in love with sandals but these days my love firmly lies in the realms of boots. High, usually ankle, boots. And actually black too, I've recently noticed!
Oh to have endless money...


  1. Hi Jen, good luck finding a pair of those shoes! And the tshirt I'm wearing in that post is a size large, definitely works for a tunic fit ;)


  2. Wow really love all these, that red jacket/cardie is fierce!

    Please come say hi and follow if you like!

  3. I couldn't wear that jacket but I would love it on someone else... I could see you wearing it. It's super cute.

  4. Francheska, thanks! It's cool what you can come up with when you're avoiding marking and/or studying! ;p

  5. I absolutely love that cardigan.

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