Thursday, 8 May 2014


Over Easter I was lucky enough to go to Portugal with my parents for 5 nights. We stayed in a glorious resort right on the seafront next to a cute town. We ate loads of really good food and definitely drank a lot of awesome wine! It was the perfect Easter holiday and most of the clothes I packed were my birthday present from my awesome man :D Here's part one of my holiday diary. Mirror selfies I'm afraid, best I could do!

1. Travelling outfit, you'll never catch me in a tracksuit at the airport I'm afraid. This outfit is really comfy but still looks neat and stylish, perfect: shirt, blazer, trousers; Zara: scarf, ring; H&M: hat; Accesorize.
2. & 3. Exploring the local area. How cute is this top? I love that it's longer at the front than the back for a change, means I can eat as much as I want at lunch without worrying about my food baby: jeans; Topshop: top; gift, Zara: shades; H&M.
4. Heading out for dinner: jeans & thin gold bracelets; Topshop: top (gift); Zara seen here: shades: H&M.
5. & 6. Looking round town. I've loved this skirt ever since I bought it. I mean it's bright orange and has pockets! I have a new found obsession for this hat! Skirt & top (gift); Zara: shades; H&M: watch; Guess.
7. Going out for dinner, which was delicious. Oh yeh, totally got a Hello Kitty henna tattoo on my last day: dress (gift) & bracelet; H&M: necklace; Topshop; earrings; gift.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Birthday Swag

My amazing boyfriend got me like 11 new items of clothing for my birthday because he rules and knows the way to my heart! I wore this top the day he gave them to me and packed the rest to go on holiday with the next day. Easy holiday packing for once! It's a size large, but I love the oversized fit this gives. A holiday diary is soon to come! Oh yeh, it was totally windy this day too, a good look no?

Shoes, jeans & cape; Topshop: top; Zara: Sunglasses; H&M

Proof Reading

Please excuse the face and posing....quite drunk in this picture! I thought that I'd show you that I practice what I preach! Here is my bustier over a t-shirt look. I wore this for a night out with colleagues and love it! It covers my stomach, which isn't ready for a night out in full view, but I can still wear a cute bustier top, yay! I wrote about it this style in the trends page of April En Vie which you can read here. I hope you're enjoying reading En Vie as much as I am enjoying editing and writing for it!

Jeans, bustier & necklace; Topshop: T-shirt; H&M: shoes; Zara.

Breaking News!

Hey guys, I'm sure you're aware by now that since the summer I have been writing articles for the online fashion magazine En Vie. Well, last month I actually also edited and wrote the news and trends pages! I am now the news editor for the magazine!!!!
This is so exciting for me and something I really enjoy. My first edition was April, which you can read here and I did May's issue too here. I also have articles in both these issues. I am really enjoying this opportunity and am enjoying wearing the trends I've been writing about too (see a post on this very soon).

I hope you all continue to give this fab magazine (and me) your support by reading it every month (especially my bits ;p) and thank you guys; I wouldn't have had this fabulous opportunity without people actually reading my blog. So definitely a big thank you and lots of love going out to you from me! I will try and keep updating more regularly, but my day job can be very time consuming! I am taking many photos just need to upload them and post them, I'm working on catching up though, promise!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

New Hair

These photos were taken the day I toned my hair down from white blonde to a more natural look. I mainly did this because I can't afford the money or the time to keep up the bleached blonde look, sad times! No doubt I'll revisit the Gwen Stefani look again though as this is my second time already! I wore this outfit for dinner with my man (yup, we do a lot of that, haha).

Shoes & leather trousers; Zara: faux fur coat; H&M: top; Versace for H&M: clutch; Topshop

Back for Good?

Well, I've been ridiculously busy and also away for a little holiday, so sorry I haven't posted in aaaages! But I have been taking photos so keep an eye on here for lots of new posts! :D

Relaxed outfit for dinner with my man a while ago now. Love this slouchy cardigan, and you all know I'm partial to a jumpsuit!

Cardigan & jumpsuit; H&M: flats; Zara.