Sunday, 31 March 2013

Lindos Acropolis

Hello, just some sightseeing pics today as didn't wear anything special, just the jeans and cardigan you saw in this post but this time with a white vest top. Anyhoo, we went on a donkey up to the acropolis today which has Roman ruins, Hellenic ruins and loads more. It was awesome :D

All those white houses are Lindos, where we're staying, isn't it adorable? I totally caught the sun today, so am pink in random patches, but not too much. However you may be getting some faceless pics from me till the pinkness subsides, haha! I'm such a Brit abroad! Right, bedtime for me! Happy Easter guys! Hope you're having a fab holiday!

Last night's dinner

...was delicious! And here's a quick pic of what I wore...

...and where I wore it to...

Unfortunately must stop procrastinating and get back to my uni work, but I'll put up some pictures of our trip to the Lindos acropolis by donkey later!

Shoes, trousers, top; Zara: jacket; H&M: necklace; New Look.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Going for a paddle

It was pretty cold, but so blue and clear! It's really late here, like 1.50am so off to bed. Night!

Trousers and jumper; Topshop: Hat; H&M

Friday, 29 March 2013

Blue Sea, Blue Sky, Ancient Ruins and a Medieval Town

Today was gloriously sunny and we spent most of the day in the Old Town of Rhodes. We also took a trip up a mountain to see an old monastery and some amazing views. There were so many peacocks there, and I think it might be mating season as the males were totally facing off with each other. They're so noisy! I also didn't know peacocks could fly (I know, I know...) I mean I thought they were like chickens, like low flying scrappy kinda thing, but apparently not! We went back into Rhodes Old Town for dinner and saw these cute medieval windmills (last picture) before we stuffed our faces at a fantastic restaurant. So far I'm loving Rhodes!
Oh yeh, we also drove through Faliraki but it was completely closed! Even the supermarkets had empty shelves, so weird! Although probably much more attractive than an open Faliraki!

1, 2 & 3 the blue, clear sea and sky.
4. Me at the acropolis.
5. Coat of arms down the Avenue of the Knights, Rhodes Old Town. 
6 & 7 peacock and views from the top of the mountain.
8. Medieval windmill.

Sandals; Sainsbury's: Jeans; Zara: Vest Top; Topshop: Cardigan; H&M: Necklace; New Look: Hat; Marks and Spencers.

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hey guys. So currently I'm on holiday, yay! I'm on the Greek island of Rhodes, staying in a cute little village called Lindos. We're here right at the start of the season though, so it's REALLY quiet and hardly anything is open, haha! Today we took a walk around the village as you can see in photos 1 & 2 then we took a drive inland and found these amazing castle ruins! I changed my hat to a headband for this as it was a little chilly, not really floppy hat weather. Then, as it's my Dad's birthday, we went out for an awesome meal in Lindos. Sorry about the selfie and the moody look! It's the best I can do! I had brought a dress to wear tonight, but it was way too cold, so wore this instead! We're off to the capital Rhodes tomorrow. Right, bed for me! Hope you're all having a fun Easter!

1. Studded flats; Zara: jeans and vest top; Topshop: shirt; Nastygal: hat; H&M.
2. Headband; New Look: leather jacket; Zara.
3. Leather trousers; Zara: T-shirt; Alexander Wang: blazer; Topshop: necklace; New Look.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Saturday Night

I went out last Saturday after a pretty heavy Friday night, not sure how wise that was, but never mind! I went for a bit of a monochrome leather look. I love these leather trousers that Tom got me for Christmas, they're so comfortable, more so than jeans I think sometimes. what do you think of my new 'leather' vest? I got it from H&M, I love it and it was so cheap (£19.99). Sorry about the moody facial expression I was freezing when we took this picture!

Shoes; Jeffrey Campbell: trousers; Zara: T-shirt; T by Alexander Wang: vest and necklace; H&M: bracelet; Oasis via Clothes Show Live.

Friday, 22 March 2013


Hey sorry I've been AWOL again. The amount of work I (and my fellow coursemates) have to do is ridiculous! Anyway tomorrow is the last day before Easter, yay! This is what I wore to uni today. I got these shoes from Zara yesterday. I love them soooooo much, they're so comfy. I wasn't too sure about the whole wedge trainers thing but these ones I love, especially the colour! I shall also be wearing them tomorrow me thinks! Also wearing my new jumper from Topshop, it's so comfy. And I love how simple it is, I hardly ever wear white, but I love it!

Big shout out to my mate Becky for taking these pics for me!

Trainers and leather trousers (Christmas present from Tom); Zara: jumper; Topshop: necklace; Oasis via The Clothes Show Live