Wednesday, 17 September 2014

En Vie September

Hey guys, the September issue has been out for a while in case you haven't seen it. Check out the animal print trend - I have both items and will be posting pics soon. I also wrote the article Boho Babe on the latest take on the bohemian trend. Read it here.

Last night I was lucky enough to be a FROWer at London Fashion Week, it was awesome. Check back later for the write up and October's En Vie for pics and a more in depth look.

Off to finish marking literacy as am up early to explode a volcano tomorrow!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

London Nights

I'm recovering still from last night, but I'm nearly there, hah! I went out for a delicious burger with my boyfriend then joined my flatmate for his birthday drinks on top of a car park in Peckham. Gotta love London! I was a little chilly on top of the car park but luckily I had my trusty leather jacket with me. You can just see in the second picture my new gold metallic temporary tattoo from Flash Tattoos. I love it and can't wait to try out all the others I got. I will show you some more close up pics soon.

Shoes, vest top; Zara: jeans; H&M: necklace; Oasis.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Red Suede Legs

Yay! I can fit into my skinny trousers once more! You know how we all have a pair of trousers that used to fit once upon a time and we wish we could fit into them once more? Well these lovely faux suede leggings are mine. I bought them at H&M in Japan a few years ago now and haven't worn them for well over a year. But now they fit again and they are so comfy! And who doesn't love bright red trousers?! Sorry I've been AWOL I've been crazy busy trying to get a new job and I finally got one today, yay! Got a few more outfits from the past few weeks to post so keep an eye out.

I've finally figured out how to get my hair wavy without waiting for ages for it to fry naturally, yay! What do you guys think? I love it like this for a change.

Shoes, leggings; H&M: T-shirt; T by Alexander Wang: denim shirt; Zara.

Autumn is Approaching

Now the weather is getting cooler, well it was...I started to dig out some of my Autumn clothes. I do get quite excited when I can go back to long sleeves, jumpers and scarves! Although it's just got really hot again so I guess I'll have to wait for Autumn a bit longer.

Shoes: French Sole; jeans and top; Zara: hat, scarf, shades; H&M. 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Summer Holidays

So...I'm poor and my boyfriend is hella busy at work so there's no summer holiday for me, booo! Although maybe there will be one in autumn and talk of such a holiday got me thinking about Miami and then.....I was perusing as I can only window shop atm, sad times, and well...THIS!

How perfect? With some sports luxe little black shorts and some sliders? Ergh, holiday heaven! Ah well, I can but dream! 
Check back soon to see what I got from Topshop with the voucher I got from work! (Hint it's sports luxe and I wore it to the Common Wealth Games - theme dressing love!)

I've been applying for jobs all day so going to make some scrambled eggs and smoked mackerel for my lunch, nom! That is if I can British Military Fitness (BMF from now on) class yesterday has left me stiff and sore....means it must be working!

Family Gatherings

Wore this a while ago when I lived in Wimbledon still. We went to a big family party for my boyfriends uncle. It was the first time I met most of his family so the pressure was on! I was going to wear a dress but they can be a  bit floaty and blow up in the wind so didn't want to risk it. Instead I went with a pencil skirt and t shirt combo. Obviously because it's me my pencil skirt is colourful and patterned, lol! I decided to do something a little different for me with my hair as I always wear it down and it's starting to get boring! Anyway I had a lovely day and this outfit has totally entered into my summer staple rotation.

Sandals; Zara: Skirt; ASOS: t shirt, shades; H&M: necklace; Topshop

Sunday, 3 August 2014

August En Vie

Can you believe August is here already? How crazy? Well here's the August edition of En Vie! Check out the news and trends as well as my article on how to do some sheer makeup this summer (Pastel Princess).

Check it out here.