Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Goodbye Yuko!

As the title suggests, my awesome friend Yuko is leaving Osaka and moving back to her home town. Sad times! I will miss her very much! She's awesome and so teeny tiny and cute! So last week we went out for a goodbye dinner. I wore my new jeans I bought in Topshop that I mentioned here. I've never done the crisp white shirt and blue jeans combo before but I really like it! Love how blue the jeans are, and especially love the combination with the blue blazer. How awesome is my necklace too? I really don't wear it enough!

Blazer and shirt; Zara: Jeans; Topshop: Shoes; Jeffrey Campbell Litas via Nastygal: Necklacke; Lanvin Loves H&M.

And your great, great, great, grandaughter has gills!

Yeh, so the title came about after partying for like 14 hours, lol! My mate had a BBQ on his patio, after my boyfriend had been there for 7 hours we took a break for 2 and a half hours of karaoke and then went back to the party til about 6.30am. My boyfriend and I then went in a search for a bacon double cheese burger but BK and Maccy D's only had their breakfast menu, ergh. Luckily First Kitchen came to our rescue and we made it home around 7.30am. It seems I'm staying up and doing all nighters a lot atm, but I'm really not, honest!
Anyhoo, it's getting hotter and hotter in Japan, so here's what I wore for my all nighter! Oh yeh these pics were taken at like 6am when I'm pretty wasted, lol!

Playsuit; H&M (seen here): Cable knit sweater; nastygal: Jewellery; Versace for H&M: Shoes; Marks & Spencers: Sunglasses; LChance.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Raving in the Woods in Kigurumi!

What the hell is a kigurumi? I assume this is your first thought if you're not in Japan. Well it's a furry onesie that's also a costume. Mine is Hello Kitty. You can get all sorts like Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Jack Skeleton, Pickachu etc. I've recently worn mine out for a hen party, the rave in the woods mentioned above and just randomly around the house at the weekends as it's so comfy.
Anyhoo the rave in the woods was awesome! We stayed up all night dancing the night away to psy trance, not usually my favourite but not bad, and watched the sunrise over the mountains. It was beautiful and awesome to be warm again! We were at a campsite in a little valley surrounded by lush green woods with no one to be annoyed by us! All in all I was up for about 34 hours, work on Monday was a bit tough, heh! Here's some pics. Man I'm gonna miss this country!

And here's a couple from the night of the hen party

The gorgeous bride and I, both in Hello Kitty kigurumis. Doesn't she have the most perfect tan and hair?!

Ergh, burnt my finger on my hair straighteners tonight, doh! It really hurts! Right, watching some Star Trek then to bed. Got a pretty tough day tomorrow!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Instant Ramen Museum

Hey guys. I've been stuck in bed all day with stomach cramps. Finally got up and did some exercise but now have soooooo much work to do tomorrow as I'm a day behind in my test marking, ergh! Anyhoo, I'm off out for some dinner soon with Tom so that'll be nice.
Here are some pictures from our visit to the Instant Ramen museum. We got to hand make some chicken noodles (bit like making pasta) and then design our own cup noodle flavour and decorate the packets. It was awesome. We then went for some delicious chicken ramen afterwards. Ooo I also got some new jeans on the way home. Wore them last night to dinner so pics will be up soon.

Love a skirt with pockets!

Skirt, T-shirt and leather jacket; Zara: shoes; Marks & Spencer.

I'm a Hooters Girl!

Went out for drinking and karaoke for a friends birthday on Saturday. It's been warming up lately so decided to wear my Hooters top I got when I was in Texas. Due to my healthy diet and workout plan not really existing I decided on high waisted pants to hide the podge, heh!

Yeh, I'm pretty drunk here, hah!

Harem pants; H&M: Hooters top; Hooters, San Antonio: Leather jacket and flats; Zara.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Behind The Scenes.

Hey guys, how is everyone? I had a pretty long and stressful day myself but my lovely boyfriend made me a gorgeous dinner after my workout which cheered me up no end, only to watch one of my fave TV characters die :(
Anyhoo, I thought I'd share some behind the scenes photos my boyfriend took when he came with me to my first ever photo shoot! Love that you get to do cool stuff in Japan because a friend of a friend wants a foreigner, heh!
I was 'modelling' for an internet shop called entre filles, who buy and sell secondhand designer/brand dresses. Not too sure what they're using the pics for yet, but will let you know soon.
I got my hair and makeup done, which was awesome, and was shot in two different dresses looking at accessories and dresses on a gorgeous set. Tom came along to help with translation and well..you know...just in case, haha!

I had such a fun day, even though I felt a bit of an idiot for the first few shots, but I relaxed and enjoyed myself and met some lovely people. It was a girly dream come true, hahaha!
Oh yeh, how awesome are my nails btw? Totally reminded me of House of Hollands Spring/Summer 2012 collection, no?