Monday, 30 November 2009

This one time at band camp...

Items in this set:
Kind cardigan, 225 GBP
LnA t shirt, 50 GBP
Farhi t shirt, 30 GBP
TopShop jeans, 40 GBP
Azzedine Alaia boots, 1,100 GBP

I spotted this cardigan type jacket type piece and instantly fell in love! It's definitely a statement piece, but one that is totally wearable and fun too! The band geek chic is cute! Also, those boots! I used to be in love with sandals but these days my love firmly lies in the realms of boots. High, usually ankle, boots. And actually black too, I've recently noticed!
Oh to have endless money...

Food or Boot?!

OK, so I know I'm not supposed to be shopping for at least a month, and I guess I'm doing OK so far but......I REALLY REALLY REALLY want the Sam Edleman Zoe boot, you know the Balenciaga knock-offs?
I'm concerned that the last few (there can't be many left anywhere in the world, surely) will be sold out soon...what to I buy them in late December/early January or wait until February or even March when all my debt is paid off (well, aside from the student loan...etc.etc)

Ergh, I know they're only boots and it's all material but.....I really want them, haha! I mean they're just so pretty! Ah well, i guess that's my self indulgent rant over. Sorry!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Grilled Meat and Giant Beers, Fabulous!

Neither of us could be bothered to cook last night so off to the 280 it was (Japanese pub style place where everything is 280 yen, awesome).

I have realised a lot of my winter wardrobe is very grey and black so I felt it was time for some colour. It's also been a bit warmer recently so I decided on my fabulously 80s-esque Topshop tshirt and Mango boob tube, Uniqlo jeans, Zara shoes. To combat the cold it was my favourite layering piece; my Marks & Spencers cardigan topped off with my Zara military style jacket. I love this jacket, I bought it so cheap about 4 years ago (maybe) and it's never not in circulation when the temperature starts to drop.
My new (old) favourite bag is my black satchel my parents bought me so it made an appearance last night too.

We finished the night at our favourite Whiskey bar where the boys enjoyed whiskey and cigars and I stuck to a delicious Cosmopolitan. Cliched I know, but so good!

I apologise for the chipped nail polish and dodgy hair. I'm waiting until I go back to England in a few weeks to get my hair done as my Japanese friend who is a hairdresser is away  for a while and I always get a bit nervous about going to a Japanese salon, don't want my hair thinned out too much or for it to turn orange! I chopped it off for the first time in forever about 4/5 months ago so it really needs a cut again, although am liking that I can tie it up again now. Really not too sure what'll happen when I go and get it done. I am forever changing my hair!

Polyvore Madness!

This dress really caught my eye, the draping would just suit anyone and make them look slim and curvy at the same time I feel! Here's my take on night and day, or dressed up and dressed down outfits with the dress.

When I was back in the UK in August this H&M skirt caught my eye but didn't buy it in the end(why, oh why?!) So here's how I would dress it if I had bought it and had money to buy the fabulous boots! You could do this either with a bare legged look for a warmer day or as it's freezing now, these tiger sheer paneled tights add something a bit different than just opaque ones I feel.

Oh and yes I am totally in love with the Sam Edelman boots and as soon as I have any money I am sooooo buying them (if anyone still stocks them by the time I have money)!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Penguins and snowmen is how I feel.

Sorry I haven't posted any outfits in a while, I've been sooo busy at school that I just get up and shove the nearest thing on. Also the warmest thing! It got really cold here in Osaka recently and I swear it's colder in school than it is outside! The crappy thing is that they have no central heating in Japan so atm my school are just using the air con/heaters and haven't cracked out the much more effective gas heaters! I may have to break my shopping ban just to pick up some thermals so I'm not trying to teach English and shivering, it doesn't half mess with your pronunciation!

Anyway, I will have some more clothes related posts soon. I'm hoping my boyfriend picked me up a copy of American Vogue today when he was in town, I'm so far behind on the foreign mags here in Japan, and I currently only know about a hundred or so kanji so no reading Japanese Vogue for me yet! (Although sometimes I do just go and look at the pictures...)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Yellow Chanel.

I want these jeans so bad! And that top! Yeh, I'm avoiding doing work by going on's a secret obsession of mine! Don't you just love these studded Topshop jeans though? And I love the yellow Chanel! Especially with this outfit. I think a bit of colour can really bring an outfit alive. No more accessories are required though me thinks due to the studded jeans...oh to be shopping again!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Way down deep in the middle of the Kongo!

Today was a national holiday in Japan and a really lovely Autumn day so me and the boy decided to go take a walk and cable car up Mt. Kongo. What does one wear to go to the highest point in Osaka Prefecture? (that's me at the highest point in the photo with the wooden sign btw.) Well, I decided for my dark grey Artigli top with collar, red River Island vest top (a girl needs a bit of colour), my black H&M hoody with silver dots, that trusty old Chinese grey jacket, black leg warmers and Velcro Converse. The bag I love! My parents bought it in Prague, I think, maybe Brussels or some other European city, anyway I love it.

Mt. Kongo was awesome. The leaves are changing colour in Japan and they're just beautiful, there was a shrine too and all the people along the way said hello to us which is really sweet. It's days like this that make me very happy I live in Japan at the moment.

Oh yeh, my sunglasses are my trusty Playboy ones I got in TK Maxx btw. Love those things! Right I should off and prepare for the 4 day week ahead I guess (hard, I know)! Also still have a stack of marking to do, oh the glamorous life of a teacher!

Kitty Time!

It was raining all day and freezing outside so we whacked the heating on and had a lazy day in. To cheer myself up I donned some cat ears and one of my favourite Zara tops and some leggings, perfect for lounging around in!

From quiet day in to night on the town!

Well don't I look a mardy bum in that first one? Sorry! So a day lounging around at home doing some chores turned into a few drinks in town. I was already wearing this blue studded top from a little boutique in my village back home and the studded leggings from Dorothy Perkins so I just shoved on this black belt from Accessorize, my trusty Zara boots and my years old Marks & Spencers cardigan! I also threw on my awesome grey jacket I got from a department store in China (maybe Beijing, maybe Shanghai, maybe Hong Kong, totally can't remember!) that's also in the previous post but I forgot to mention it, sorry! Again with the circle scarf...and my fab star quilted bag from Topshop. This is the first time I've worn this top since I bought it and I love it! Think it'll look fab with jeans too (though I'm trying to wean myself off them). Anyhoo, let me know what you think and such! So far my challenge is going well, but I am still finding it SO hard to walk past shops and not go in!

Out and about in O-Town!

A well needed night out meeting up with some people I hadn't seen in a while and a bit of a taxi mission home! Here I'm wearing (again) my Topshop shorts, and L chance tights/leggings. I'm also wearing my circle scarf again, sorry but I love that thing! Also I'm wearing a cream top that I got in Venice from a shop called Artigli (our cases didn't turn up for 3 days, shopping was required!) and my new(ish) favourite Zara boots and my sparkly legwarmers. I also have my Kate Moss for Topshop clutch and a trusty drink for the road My hair is being a bit lame at the moment so I just shoved an alice band on and hoped for the best, still not too sure on this though.

The signs are just a few we found out and about that night, comedy!

Finally I have some outfits for you! I actually found my camera cable! So here we go!

This day was surprisingly warm so it was a 'what to wear' day! I usually opt for jeans on a day like this but decided against that as figured I should try to change it up a bit now I'm not shopping and all!

Grey Abercrombie top, red River Island vest, American Apparel circle scarf (my new favourite thing), L chance stirrup leggings and Converse boots.

Sunday, 22 November 2009


So this is probably going to be my most random post ever. But whilst window shopping on the internet I came across this wedding dress, which is the most gorgeous wedding dress I have ever seen! I want it!
It's not in a style I ever imagined I would like, I'm all about simple lines, no puffy skirts etc. But this just caught my eye! Not sure how I managed to come to a wedding dress site either, but anyways, I just had to share as it's so beautiful!

Dress by Demetrios

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Virtual Shopping!

Argh! I've been so busy recently! What with the big Japanese test coming up, the bosses coming to watch me teach, seminars and a myriad of lessons to teach! The outfits are coming soon, I promise!

But to I can't shop but I can window shop right?! And just how fabulous is this dress?! It reminds me of the one from the Sex and the City film that Carrie wears when introducing us to her little wedding suit for the first time. Which I can't find a picture of atm, but will upload soon. Anyhow, I loved that dress and although this one isn't anything like it in print or colour, it still reminds me of it, weird. And I love it!

Dress: Motel for Topshop.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Challenge!

Hey, so here I am losing my blogging virginity! So, the point behind this blog?

I'm having some financial woes at the moment so I can't afford to go shopping! This is really hard for me as I am a 'shopaholic'!

So I have set myself a little challenge. I have decided that I will try and make new outfits out of my existing clothes. I have too many clothes, as my boyfriend often points out whilst rolling his eyes, and so I feel this should not be too hard...maybe I will even feel like I'm going shopping! Well, enough to stop the withdrawal shakes!

So, I'll hopefully be posting my daily outfits and documenting my results on here. Your comments and ideas would be very welcome as some days I just resort to jeans and a hoody and I need more inspiration!

Well, here goes!