Saturday, 28 November 2009

Grilled Meat and Giant Beers, Fabulous!

Neither of us could be bothered to cook last night so off to the 280 it was (Japanese pub style place where everything is 280 yen, awesome).

I have realised a lot of my winter wardrobe is very grey and black so I felt it was time for some colour. It's also been a bit warmer recently so I decided on my fabulously 80s-esque Topshop tshirt and Mango boob tube, Uniqlo jeans, Zara shoes. To combat the cold it was my favourite layering piece; my Marks & Spencers cardigan topped off with my Zara military style jacket. I love this jacket, I bought it so cheap about 4 years ago (maybe) and it's never not in circulation when the temperature starts to drop.
My new (old) favourite bag is my black satchel my parents bought me so it made an appearance last night too.

We finished the night at our favourite Whiskey bar where the boys enjoyed whiskey and cigars and I stuck to a delicious Cosmopolitan. Cliched I know, but so good!

I apologise for the chipped nail polish and dodgy hair. I'm waiting until I go back to England in a few weeks to get my hair done as my Japanese friend who is a hairdresser is away  for a while and I always get a bit nervous about going to a Japanese salon, don't want my hair thinned out too much or for it to turn orange! I chopped it off for the first time in forever about 4/5 months ago so it really needs a cut again, although am liking that I can tie it up again now. Really not too sure what'll happen when I go and get it done. I am forever changing my hair!

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