Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Blues

I've got the blues as I'm leaving so many fab people when I leave Japan :( and I also appear to be wearing the colour a lot recently (as in the last 4 days!). I wore blue shoes today too, actually!

I wore this outfit to my friend's birthday/sayonara party. It's so ridiculously hot and humid here now that nothing is cool enough. Riding my bike to and from work is like my own personal hell for 20 minutes each way! I've had to resort to taking a change of clothes so I can get changed as I'm so gross, eeeew! I'm actually looking forward to British weather, hah!

Sandals; H&M: Dress; Topshop: Denim shirt; Zara; Blue leopard print sunnies; L Chance

Monday, 16 July 2012

Religious Symbols

Cute little shrine right? It was down a little alley around our apartment. It's sooooooooo hot and humid right now that nothing short of a bikini is comfortable attire! Although this outfit wasn't too bad, the waistband was kinda warm! Took these on our way back from lunch before we went out for a friend's birthday/leaving party. Pics to come soon!
Btw, this not a Nazi swastika, it's used to represent temples in Japan. If you don't believe me read this!

Sandals, trousers; H&M: Pink vest; Zara: Coral leopard print sunnies; L Chance.

Roof Top BBQ Sayonara

Went to the Hilton hotel's rooftop BBQ all you can eat meal for my fab friend, Emily's leaving party. Sad times were certainly cheered up by copious amounts of delicious meat and much, much alcohol! The setting was amazing too. I decided on a long dress to keep out the mozzies! That and it hides the food baby well!

Sandals, maxi dress, black tank dress (underneath), earrings; H&M: Necklace; Before The Boom.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cards Against Humanity

Went round to a friend's house to play Cards Against Humanity. An awesome game, especially the more inappropriate you get! It's ridiculously humid and hot in Osaka right now so it's hair up and cool clothes time! Unfortunately something really gross happened on the way home though....as Tom and I were changing trains and crossing the platform, a really drunk Japanese guy vomited all over us! It was so gross! Luckily we weren't far from home so as soon as we got back we had a shower and did some laundry, but still, eeeeeeew! I tried some new nail stickers too. They look cute but the ends are always messy so maybe I won't be using them anymore as they only lasted one night. Last night was a fab BBQ and tonight was a leaving party. Photos to come soon! Must get to bed now as I'm off to the Osaka Beer Festival tomorrow, yay! Love national holidays! Night guys, hope your weekend has been as epic as mine!

Ballet flats; Marks & Spencers: All in one; shop in Ubud, Bali: Chain Ring; Topshop: Coral Leopard Print sunnies; LChance.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The 90s live on!

So how was your weekend? Mine was mad! I had a joint leaving party with some awesome friends. It was a 90s themed dance party. we had fab DJs, fab company and some fab outfits! I also unfortunately had an eye infection, hence the eye patch. I didn't want to wear my glasses in case they got broken but could only wear one contact lens so Tom bought me this fab pirate eye patch! I decided on my sequin pants, crop top and a waistcoat for my 90s outfit as it was too hot for grunge and I didn't have a shell suit handy, heh!
The party was ace, especially as I got to relax a little. I've had a mad busy few weeks at work, still is kind of busy, but I'm slowly getting ready to leave. I have exactly one month now until I leave, eeek! Right, I must off to do my nails for tomorrow.

Shoes; Converse: Trousers; Vintage@Nastygal: Crop top and waistcoat; Topshop.

Purple and Gold

You can't really see in these pics but the gold nail is actually a gold/purple shimmer colour. It's called Moon Rock by Frontcover, as is the purple colour! Sorry they're a bit chipped, I did them a few days ago! Gonna do a fresh colour tonight I think.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

May and June's Top Outfits

Seeing as I keep getting drenched before I get a chance to take some pictures as it's rainy season, I thought I'd pick my favourite from the last two months. Do you agree?

This is from the instant ramen visit here.

Love this one so much! It lasted a whole night of partying and a morning! Seen here.

Love this one too (obviously)! I really love the accessories, especially the necklace and belt. Seen here.

Clearly the wedding outfit is in here! Seen here.

So which one is your favourite?


I mentioned my new nails in yesterdays post. What do you think? It's a teal colour with a gold topcoat, that makes it look a little more green/turquoise. I quite like it! Think I might change it again tonight/tomorrow though. I'm marking tests at the moment so it's nice to have pretty and interesting nails to glance at when I get really bored, haha!
The background is the dress I wore yesterday. I've had it for like 5/6 years now but I got it from Ark in Sheffield when I was at uni. Right, I have much to do, must off!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Saturday Night Roof Top Beer Garden; Monday Night Sushi

So I wore this outfit on Saturday night when I proceeded to get very drunk at a roof top beer garden then ended up in karaoke and somehow managed to make my way back home all in one piece. I decided to wear the same outfit again today as it's cool (temperature wise) and easy to wear. I love my leopard print cape so much. You know when you buy a piece and love it, then don't wear it for ages and then all of a sudden almost rediscover it? That's totally what happened with my cape!
How awesome are my nails btw? They're stickers! I screwed them up a bit as did them on the train on the way to the beer garden, but they still look fabulous, no? I bought some more in a new pattern today. You can only wear them for 48 hours though (sad face).
Just painted my nails a turquoise/teal colour and I don't usually like it. It always makes my nails look kind of tacky, but I put a gold glitter topcoat on and they look awesome! Will take some pics soon. I have to keep my nails painted at the moment as I painted my nails yellow a few weeks ago and it stained my nails yellow too, not a good look!

Boots; Jeffrey Campbell Lita's: Jeans; Topshop: Leopard cape; H&M; Gold ring; Versace for H&M: Earrings; ladyluckrulesok: Nails; Bling Nail.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Leavers' Formal.

So every year in June we have a big formal party for all the JETs who are leaving that year. This time I'm one of the leavers which is just weird! All the guys are in suits and all the girls are in their best dresses. Once again thanks to my friend Mindy, and Tom of course, I have some awesome pictures to share with you guys!

Shoes; Misch Masch: Dress; Lanvin Loves H&M: Headband; Topshop.


Remember this post here? Well I've found some better pictures of the whole outfit now thanks to my fab friend Mindy's awesome photo taking skills!

Thanks muchly Mindy chan for the pics!

Leggings; Dorothy Perkins: White vest; T by Alexander Wang: Denim shirt; Zara: Feather headband; Topshop.