Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The 90s live on!

So how was your weekend? Mine was mad! I had a joint leaving party with some awesome friends. It was a 90s themed dance party. we had fab DJs, fab company and some fab outfits! I also unfortunately had an eye infection, hence the eye patch. I didn't want to wear my glasses in case they got broken but could only wear one contact lens so Tom bought me this fab pirate eye patch! I decided on my sequin pants, crop top and a waistcoat for my 90s outfit as it was too hot for grunge and I didn't have a shell suit handy, heh!
The party was ace, especially as I got to relax a little. I've had a mad busy few weeks at work, still is kind of busy, but I'm slowly getting ready to leave. I have exactly one month now until I leave, eeek! Right, I must off to do my nails for tomorrow.

Shoes; Converse: Trousers; Vintage@Nastygal: Crop top and waistcoat; Topshop.

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