Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Lip Gloss

Went out a couple of weeks ago now (I'm far too old and boring to go clubbing now, heh) with my new housemates. Was a wicked night called Lip Gloss, I think it's new, but I swear the djs read my mind all night. The majority of the music was fab, especially seeing as I'm an oldie venturing into the world of students again! Anyhoo, this be what I wore. I've been procrastinating all day, bad Jen! I should probably go and do some work! Have to teach part of a PE lesson tomorrow, wish me luck!

Leather shorts; H&M: Blouse; New Look.
Photos courtesy of Lip Gloss.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A quick snapshot!

Hey guys, just a quick, pretty bad, shot of what I was wearing the other week to uni. I've been hella busy and am minus a photographer as he's still in Japan atm. Sad times. However, I will endeavour to get more shots soon! Settling into uni life again ok, although not having money to go shopping is a bit hard! But the actual content for the course is pretty fun. Already had one project to do and we ended up displaying our work on an umbrella, which was kick ass! And so much fun! Ah well, must get back to planning a PE lesson (I know, I know, me and sport...).

Shoes, blazer, cardigan; Zara: Shorts, H&M: Blouse; Style by Marina: Headband, vest top; Topshop