Monday, 26 July 2010

Who Needs Sleep?

Due to messed up sleeping patterns (heat, late nights/early mornings, no work and no man) I'm awake at strange hours. Am currently cleaning my boyfriends apartment inside and out, then moving round to mine to do the same! Although have some teaching to do tomorrow so I should probably get to bed before I have to go in to work, haha! Anyway, due to being up late and needing a break between mad cleaning sprees I've discovered 2 new blogs (new to me that is) and I now have blog crushes! They are Christeric and Where Did U Get That.

Here's some gorgeous pics of the gorgeous girlies!




All Images and

Both girls find amazing vintage pieces and are awesome at DIY projects. If I had time and more knowledge of where to get stuff like that in Japan I'd be just like them (hahaha, slightly creepy phrase there but you know what I mean, right? ;p)
OK, think I'm gonna clean the stove now...then bed...although the grill looks greasy, as do the worktops...oh dear...

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Hung to the Over!

Last night was a friends leaving party, sad and good times all rolled into one! Due to my job, many friends leave every summer as our contracts are coming to an end. Hopefully you will see these friends again, but they're from all over the world so you're never sure how often or if you will ever see them again :( Anyway, my best of luck and good wishes to Valerie. Her party last night was awesome but I drank waaaaaaay too much champagne! So here is my hungover outfit today, hence the rather solemn expressions, haha!




Yes, I'm loving my Debbie Harry top at the moment, but it's just so comfy and cool (temperature wise). Also, lets face it, when hungover you reach for the closest thing in the closet, right?

Oh yeh, sunglasses at night is due to my hangover, no one should have that face inflicted upon them, hehe.

Shoes, unknown shop in Osaka on the shoutengai in Namba, Socks Tutana, Shorts Topshop, Top H&M, Sunglasses Lchance, Butterfly ring H&M, bling charm bracelet present, all other rings presents.

Vivienne, Debbie and Leonardo!

My boyfriend left to go back to England for a few weeks on Thursday so I am sad. What makes me even sadder is that I won't be seeing him for exactly a month due to me jetting off to Vietnam in 2 weeks. So I went shopping to cheer myself up after I left him at the airport, haha! Don't get me wrong though, I'm really excited about Vietnam.
Anyway, on Friday night I wore some of my new purchases including my VIVIENNE WESTWOOD + MELISSA DRAGON BALL SHOES. Yes, the caps are required as I LOVE Vivienne Westwood and these shoes are my first ever purchase from her. I was so excited I nearly screamed out loud in the shop when the girl was handing me the bag, haha! Sometimes I think it's a shame that such material things make me so happy but then I think...nah, it just makes it easier to cheer myself up, haha! Anyway, here's my outfit from Friday night when I went to watch Inception, awesome film!

Debbie Harry shirt H&M, Blue trousers with belt Zara, world's most amazing shoes Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Dragon Ball


The view of the Debbie Harry shirt from the back. I got a few stares for just wearing my bra, this being Japan, but it's way too hot at the moment to contemplate more layers!


Getting artsy...well for me anyway ;p


The shoes! :D

Due to my man being away I'm taking my own pictures so most will probably be like this for the next few weeks, sorry! I'll try and find some new locations with a ledge as I don't have a tripod ;p

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My First Night Out in Ages!

So due to the bf taking a big scary Japanese test and me working at the weekends we hadn't been out in ages, months, a lifetime! OK, tad melodramatic, but's been hard not to go out and let off some steam by dancing the night away. So on Sunday we pulled an all nighter (out till first train at 5.30am) and I wore my new top and skirt (really it's a petticoat but I think you can wear it on it's own as a skirt too) and my new shoes from a random Japanese shoe store in the sale!

My best drunken strongman pose, hehe.

American Apparel top and skirt, unknown shoes.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hisashiburi! (Long time no see)

Sorry about the lack of posts. My boyfriend has been revising for a huge Japanese test. What that has to do with my lack of posting I will now explain...when at my boyfriend's apartment, only one computer can have the internet. He needs the internet for studying therefore I can't really demand it off him to make comments and posts about my outfits I feel. And my computer died. However he is currently in Tokyo (due to a mess up by the exam people) taking the test so I have the internet all to myself and I bought a cute new laptop that's red and all in Japanese, eek!. Unfortunately I had to work today (Saturday) and tomorrow and for the rest of the week so it's just a quick (ish) post from me.

So I paid a visit to Zara and H&M recently to treat myself due to working so hard this week and next week and I got some cool stuff!

This was my Friday daytime look. It's hot, humid and rainy season at the moment so light, loose layers are best.


H&M top, Zara pants, Zara shoes.

Then the boyfriend and I went out to dinner Friday night to try and forget what a horrible weekend we both have (I'm working through to Thursday and he has two exams!)
I got this new dress from H&M and I love it, even though it's sheer. Sorry the pictures aren't great but don't have much free time this weekend. Promise to get better ones soon.


Same Zara shoes again and Heart chance (random Japanese shop) earrings.


I'm currently having a bit of an internal debate who to support in Germany V Argentina in the world cup. Clearly I  hate Germany as they put us out and the goalie totally cheated by not pointing out that we scored that second goal! And it's Germany and football....but being English makes Maradona a national enemy to, hmmm...maybe I should just go to bed, haha!