Saturday, 6 December 2014


My boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Wednesday so we made sure we cleared our very busy work schedules so we could go to dinner. It was lovely and I was very lucky as he bought me several amazing presents that included clothing and a ring. It's so pretty! Anyway, this is what a wore; a skirt he also bought me! He's soooooo sweet. This skirt is a huge divergence away from what I would normally wear; for a start it's pink, then there's the length - ankle length is so not my scene, and it's all girly and satiny. However...I love it! It makes me feel like a princess and I was drawn straight to it when I saw it in H&M! I am definitely in love! But decided to dress it down a bit with my favourite white jumper from Topshop. Oh yeh, I chopped my hair off btw. This is it in it's wavy style. I keep having moments of love and loathing with it though. I think over all it's love...what do you guys think?

Skirt & necklace; H&M: shoes & jumper; Topshop

Friday, 21 November 2014

En Vie November

Just in case you missed it! Here's November's En Vie . I've just been putting the finishing touches to December's edition so I will let you know when it's time to take peek. Lots of trends you can buy for a friend for Christmas....or yourself! Some more outfit posts coming soon,

J xxx

Monday, 17 November 2014


Sorry I've been missing for a while, work is taking up aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall my time :( A couple of weeks ago however it was half term and the boy and I managed to get away for a few days. Here's one outfit I wore to a cute pub for dinner, followed by yummy cocktails in the hotel bar :D

Yup, wearing my favourite skirt again, lol! I really, really love this skirt so you will probably be seeing it a lot this winter...sorry!

Boots & necklace; Topshop: skirt and jumper; H&M: T-shirt & leather jacket; Zara.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Matching Leopard

Yet another piece I wrote about in September's En Vie. Here I put the top in the magazine but loved the matching skirt so much I got both! It's quite a thick neoprene-esque material so definitely autumn/winter proof.
I wore the crop top separately with jeans a few weeks back to go karaokeing with some dear friends from Japan. It was a great test to see if the top could last an entire night of drinking, dancing, crashing out at a mates and still looking respectable the next day on the journey home. The verdict? Definitely!
I also wore the skirt with my neon orange crop top to a show at London Fashion Week. Basically, these pieces are so versatile I will definitely get my money's worth.

Unfortunately the Zara bag does not contain goodies for me, although it does contain a very cute jumper for the bf that I am totally borrowing!

Crop top, skirt, ring; H&M: ballet flats; Zara: watch; Guess

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Lion Print

I wrote abut this skirt in the trends section of En Vie's September issue and here's me wearing it. I LOVE this skirt and am wearing it all the time, so I guess that's kind of boring but...well I love it! It's quilted and I love the mix of oranges, browns and sky blue. I also am in love with the jumper I'm wearing here, which is quilted too. It works with everything from skirts to dresses to jeans to shorts! I've nearly worn these flat pumps to death now but they were a bargain from H&M and so comfy. Hope you're all having a good weekend! My Saturday is being spent planning so I can enjoy Sunday with my boyfriend so I suppose I should get back to it...think I'll do history next as the Romans is a fun topic!

Skirt, jumper, shoes; H&M: necklace; River Island.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

En Vie September

Hey guys, the September issue has been out for a while in case you haven't seen it. Check out the animal print trend - I have both items and will be posting pics soon. I also wrote the article Boho Babe on the latest take on the bohemian trend. Read it here.

Last night I was lucky enough to be a FROWer at London Fashion Week, it was awesome. Check back later for the write up and October's En Vie for pics and a more in depth look.

Off to finish marking literacy as am up early to explode a volcano tomorrow!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

London Nights

I'm recovering still from last night, but I'm nearly there, hah! I went out for a delicious burger with my boyfriend then joined my flatmate for his birthday drinks on top of a car park in Peckham. Gotta love London! I was a little chilly on top of the car park but luckily I had my trusty leather jacket with me. You can just see in the second picture my new gold metallic temporary tattoo from Flash Tattoos. I love it and can't wait to try out all the others I got. I will show you some more close up pics soon.

Shoes, vest top; Zara: jeans; H&M: necklace; Oasis.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Red Suede Legs

Yay! I can fit into my skinny trousers once more! You know how we all have a pair of trousers that used to fit once upon a time and we wish we could fit into them once more? Well these lovely faux suede leggings are mine. I bought them at H&M in Japan a few years ago now and haven't worn them for well over a year. But now they fit again and they are so comfy! And who doesn't love bright red trousers?! Sorry I've been AWOL I've been crazy busy trying to get a new job and I finally got one today, yay! Got a few more outfits from the past few weeks to post so keep an eye out.

I've finally figured out how to get my hair wavy without waiting for ages for it to fry naturally, yay! What do you guys think? I love it like this for a change.

Shoes, leggings; H&M: T-shirt; T by Alexander Wang: denim shirt; Zara.

Autumn is Approaching

Now the weather is getting cooler, well it was...I started to dig out some of my Autumn clothes. I do get quite excited when I can go back to long sleeves, jumpers and scarves! Although it's just got really hot again so I guess I'll have to wait for Autumn a bit longer.

Shoes: French Sole; jeans and top; Zara: hat, scarf, shades; H&M. 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Summer Holidays

So...I'm poor and my boyfriend is hella busy at work so there's no summer holiday for me, booo! Although maybe there will be one in autumn and talk of such a holiday got me thinking about Miami and then.....I was perusing as I can only window shop atm, sad times, and well...THIS!

How perfect? With some sports luxe little black shorts and some sliders? Ergh, holiday heaven! Ah well, I can but dream! 
Check back soon to see what I got from Topshop with the voucher I got from work! (Hint it's sports luxe and I wore it to the Common Wealth Games - theme dressing love!)

I've been applying for jobs all day so going to make some scrambled eggs and smoked mackerel for my lunch, nom! That is if I can British Military Fitness (BMF from now on) class yesterday has left me stiff and sore....means it must be working!

Family Gatherings

Wore this a while ago when I lived in Wimbledon still. We went to a big family party for my boyfriends uncle. It was the first time I met most of his family so the pressure was on! I was going to wear a dress but they can be a  bit floaty and blow up in the wind so didn't want to risk it. Instead I went with a pencil skirt and t shirt combo. Obviously because it's me my pencil skirt is colourful and patterned, lol! I decided to do something a little different for me with my hair as I always wear it down and it's starting to get boring! Anyway I had a lovely day and this outfit has totally entered into my summer staple rotation.

Sandals; Zara: Skirt; ASOS: t shirt, shades; H&M: necklace; Topshop

Sunday, 3 August 2014

August En Vie

Can you believe August is here already? How crazy? Well here's the August edition of En Vie! Check out the news and trends as well as my article on how to do some sheer makeup this summer (Pastel Princess).

Check it out here.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Orange Crush

Went for dinner in town last weekend and after we took a stroll along the river and chilled in the warm night air, it was awesome. Just a gratuitous picture of me and my man at the end there as I'm missing him this weekend! Sorry about the picture quality had to use an iPhone; nowhere near as good as my usual Samsung :(

Dress; New Look: scarf; Zara: necklace & bracelets; Topshop.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Carrie Crush

I was slightly hungover and very, very hot on Saturday so I took my inspiration from a Carrie Bradshaw outfit to go house hunting with my man. Here's Carrie's version followed by mine, please ignore the hungover face!

I'm slightly more tubular and significantly less tanned than Carrie, but I quite like it, what do you think?

Shoes & skirt; H&M: T-shirt; River Island: bracelets; Topshop.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Under the Bridge

Wore this out to dinner with my man last weekend. Note the skirt and top were bought for me by my boyfriend....and they were his choice! I'm so lucky that not only is my boyfriend awesome he's got great taste in clothes and he buys me way too many :D 
We went out to dinner on the South Bank as I live a mere 15 minutes away these days which is amazing and I intend to take full advantage of this! We also randomly walked onto the set of Legend, but Tom Hardy wasn't there filming till the next week, sad times.

Skirt, top, shirt; Zara: dance shoes; French Sole: necklace; River Island: watch; Guess.

En Vie July

So great news guys! We are now working with Osaka City to bring you the latest events in this fabulous city! Check out the news section each month for this up to date information starting with July's edition :D
Due to my aforementioned other work stresses the trends and news are only one page each this month but am already well on the way to making August's edition the normal length and fabulous! Hope you enjoy reading this months edition!

Check it out here!

Hair Inspiration

So here's what I'm thinking about doing to my hair.....maybe.....

See more on my Tumbler here.

80s Child

Sorry I've been AWOL yet again guys! I've been stuck doing work constantly, which is sooooo depressing! And I've moved house! However the good news is school ends on 23rd July and I'm not going back in September, yay! So should have much more time to work on here and on the magazine. Another piece of good news is that since I've moved I now have a really cool roof I can take pictures on, as you can see above! Yup that's London in the background, you can just about see the London Eye. Different views to come soon. I've been taking lots of pictures but haven't posted any. I promise I am now attempting to catch up, so keep your eyes open for new posts!

Anyway, I wore this outfit for a lazy day last Sunday. I got dressed then realised just how 80s it was, which I love! Yes the 80s had bad hair and dodgy makeup but I really, really love the clothes! These jeans are such a go to piece at the moment in my wardrobe, which is cool considering I wasn't too sure when I bought them. I wasn't sure on the whole distressed denim thing; there was too much of it on British boybands back in the 90s for my liking! However am I now officially a long as it's on girls that is!

Hope you're all having a good week!

Glittery dance shoes; French Sole: boyfriend jeans & crop top; Topshop: shades; H&M: watch; Guess: bracelet; school summer fair.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

June En Vie

It's the start of a new month guys (how is it June already?) and that means there's a new edition of En Vie out, yay! Check out this months magazine, paying special attention of course to the news and trends and my article Make Me Up about a new makeup artist Sam Enticknap. Check it all out here!

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Over Easter I was lucky enough to go to Portugal with my parents for 5 nights. We stayed in a glorious resort right on the seafront next to a cute town. We ate loads of really good food and definitely drank a lot of awesome wine! It was the perfect Easter holiday and most of the clothes I packed were my birthday present from my awesome man :D Here's part one of my holiday diary. Mirror selfies I'm afraid, best I could do!

1. Travelling outfit, you'll never catch me in a tracksuit at the airport I'm afraid. This outfit is really comfy but still looks neat and stylish, perfect: shirt, blazer, trousers; Zara: scarf, ring; H&M: hat; Accesorize.
2. & 3. Exploring the local area. How cute is this top? I love that it's longer at the front than the back for a change, means I can eat as much as I want at lunch without worrying about my food baby: jeans; Topshop: top; gift, Zara: shades; H&M.
4. Heading out for dinner: jeans & thin gold bracelets; Topshop: top (gift); Zara seen here: shades: H&M.
5. & 6. Looking round town. I've loved this skirt ever since I bought it. I mean it's bright orange and has pockets! I have a new found obsession for this hat! Skirt & top (gift); Zara: shades; H&M: watch; Guess.
7. Going out for dinner, which was delicious. Oh yeh, totally got a Hello Kitty henna tattoo on my last day: dress (gift) & bracelet; H&M: necklace; Topshop; earrings; gift.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Birthday Swag

My amazing boyfriend got me like 11 new items of clothing for my birthday because he rules and knows the way to my heart! I wore this top the day he gave them to me and packed the rest to go on holiday with the next day. Easy holiday packing for once! It's a size large, but I love the oversized fit this gives. A holiday diary is soon to come! Oh yeh, it was totally windy this day too, a good look no?

Shoes, jeans & cape; Topshop: top; Zara: Sunglasses; H&M

Proof Reading

Please excuse the face and posing....quite drunk in this picture! I thought that I'd show you that I practice what I preach! Here is my bustier over a t-shirt look. I wore this for a night out with colleagues and love it! It covers my stomach, which isn't ready for a night out in full view, but I can still wear a cute bustier top, yay! I wrote about it this style in the trends page of April En Vie which you can read here. I hope you're enjoying reading En Vie as much as I am enjoying editing and writing for it!

Jeans, bustier & necklace; Topshop: T-shirt; H&M: shoes; Zara.

Breaking News!

Hey guys, I'm sure you're aware by now that since the summer I have been writing articles for the online fashion magazine En Vie. Well, last month I actually also edited and wrote the news and trends pages! I am now the news editor for the magazine!!!!
This is so exciting for me and something I really enjoy. My first edition was April, which you can read here and I did May's issue too here. I also have articles in both these issues. I am really enjoying this opportunity and am enjoying wearing the trends I've been writing about too (see a post on this very soon).

I hope you all continue to give this fab magazine (and me) your support by reading it every month (especially my bits ;p) and thank you guys; I wouldn't have had this fabulous opportunity without people actually reading my blog. So definitely a big thank you and lots of love going out to you from me! I will try and keep updating more regularly, but my day job can be very time consuming! I am taking many photos just need to upload them and post them, I'm working on catching up though, promise!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

New Hair

These photos were taken the day I toned my hair down from white blonde to a more natural look. I mainly did this because I can't afford the money or the time to keep up the bleached blonde look, sad times! No doubt I'll revisit the Gwen Stefani look again though as this is my second time already! I wore this outfit for dinner with my man (yup, we do a lot of that, haha).

Shoes & leather trousers; Zara: faux fur coat; H&M: top; Versace for H&M: clutch; Topshop

Back for Good?

Well, I've been ridiculously busy and also away for a little holiday, so sorry I haven't posted in aaaages! But I have been taking photos so keep an eye on here for lots of new posts! :D

Relaxed outfit for dinner with my man a while ago now. Love this slouchy cardigan, and you all know I'm partial to a jumpsuit!

Cardigan & jumpsuit; H&M: flats; Zara.

Monday, 31 March 2014


Not sure why, but I've started a Tumblr. Have a feeling it will be more of a site where I post my inspiration and things that catch my eye; not just fashion related things like on here. Anyway check it out if you want here

Friday, 28 March 2014

Band Tee Chic

Yet another dinner with my beaux. Lucky I know! I've had this tee for ages and I love it, mainly because I love me a bit of Led Zeppelin! Decided to get my pale legs out in this fabulous skirt I bought in River Island in Singapore. Also in love with my hat with cat ears, yup you read that right, cat ears! Are we liking the red lippy? I can never quite decide, think I love it though!

Ankle boots; F21: skirt (with belt); River Island: T-shirt; HMV: hat; Zara.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Blue Jeans

Wore this out to dinner with my favourite boy the other week. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of throwing on these these jeans when the weather starts to warm up a little!

Jeans, sandals, leather jacket; Zara: jumper, necklace: Topshop.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Wooh, wooh! It's a onsie!

I'm partial to some onsie action and here's my latest offering from H&M. It's one you can dress up or down. I've dressed it down here for a day in the sun a couple of weekends ago.

Sandals; TU @ Sainsburys: playsuit and sunglasses; H&M: leather jacket; Zara: bracelets; Topshop.

En Vie!

I hope you're all reading this regularly now anyway but just in case you're not...I've been published again! Check out March En Vie here. My two articles are Sporty Chic and Pocket Advantage.

April's edition will be out soon as well as a bit of an announcement, exciting!

Gifted Mesh

Excuse the moody face! I wore this to visit Wimbledon (as in the actual tennis bit) with my Dad and boyfriend a few weekends ago. Managed to run into my ex boss, not awkward at all, lol!
Anyway, this top was my final Valentine's present fro my awesome boyfriend. The inner sleeves and sides are actually mesh, love me some sporty chic detail! Sorry about the moody face! Also sorry about being AWOL again, I've been working hard at work and on a new exciting project that I will tell you al about soon! Hope you;re all good!

Boots, necklace; Topshop: leather trousers, top, leather jacket; Zara

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Valentine's Swag

How awesome is this jumper? It was one of my many Valentine's presents from my gorgeous boyfriend. Best thing is, he bought me two awesome tops from Zara without asking me first and he got the size and style perfectly right! And the jumper is soooooooooooooooo soft on the inside. I love that it just randomly says people on the front too. I rediscovered this skirt in my wardrobe and fell in love with it all over again. It's so floaty and sheer. I can't  wait to pair it with some lightweight pastel knits for spring in a whimsical way (or maybe not whimsical, but I like the word, it brings connotations of spring).

Skirt, jumper; Zara; shoes; Topshop: sunglasses; H&M.

Shoulder Robing

Shoes; Jeffrey Campbell Litas: jeans, cape; Topshop: jumper; Zara: coat; Mango.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Published again!

Hey guys, how goes it? Only 3 more days to go until half term for me, yay! Anyway I got published again in En Vie magazine. Check out my articles Lost in Translation (slightly lost for inspiration with this title, lol) and Picture Perfect here.
 Right I'm off to bed as it's parents' evening tomorrow, eeek!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Saturday at the museum

I finally got to go to the Club to Catwalk exhibition at the V&A on Saturday and it was AWESOME! I loved being able to get so close to some iconic pieces from the 80s. Perhaps my favourite was the toga dress with Andy Warhol print from Vivienne Westwood's Nostalgia of Mud collection (A/W 82-83). I've always wanted to own one and this was a good second best! I highly recommend you go and see this collection and then take advantage of the free exhibition of fashion through the ages too.

This is what I wore for my Saturday out. After the museum we went to Covent Gardens and then on to Waterloo to meet some friends for drinks. I was incredibly tired by the time these pictures were taken so please excuse the sleepy look.

Skirt, boots, scarf, bracelets; Topshop: blouse; Zara: leather vest; H&M.