Thursday, 8 May 2014


Over Easter I was lucky enough to go to Portugal with my parents for 5 nights. We stayed in a glorious resort right on the seafront next to a cute town. We ate loads of really good food and definitely drank a lot of awesome wine! It was the perfect Easter holiday and most of the clothes I packed were my birthday present from my awesome man :D Here's part one of my holiday diary. Mirror selfies I'm afraid, best I could do!

1. Travelling outfit, you'll never catch me in a tracksuit at the airport I'm afraid. This outfit is really comfy but still looks neat and stylish, perfect: shirt, blazer, trousers; Zara: scarf, ring; H&M: hat; Accesorize.
2. & 3. Exploring the local area. How cute is this top? I love that it's longer at the front than the back for a change, means I can eat as much as I want at lunch without worrying about my food baby: jeans; Topshop: top; gift, Zara: shades; H&M.
4. Heading out for dinner: jeans & thin gold bracelets; Topshop: top (gift); Zara seen here: shades: H&M.
5. & 6. Looking round town. I've loved this skirt ever since I bought it. I mean it's bright orange and has pockets! I have a new found obsession for this hat! Skirt & top (gift); Zara: shades; H&M: watch; Guess.
7. Going out for dinner, which was delicious. Oh yeh, totally got a Hello Kitty henna tattoo on my last day: dress (gift) & bracelet; H&M: necklace; Topshop; earrings; gift.

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