Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Breaking News!

Hey guys, I'm sure you're aware by now that since the summer I have been writing articles for the online fashion magazine En Vie. Well, last month I actually also edited and wrote the news and trends pages! I am now the news editor for the magazine!!!!
This is so exciting for me and something I really enjoy. My first edition was April, which you can read here and I did May's issue too here. I also have articles in both these issues. I am really enjoying this opportunity and am enjoying wearing the trends I've been writing about too (see a post on this very soon).

I hope you all continue to give this fab magazine (and me) your support by reading it every month (especially my bits ;p) and thank you guys; I wouldn't have had this fabulous opportunity without people actually reading my blog. So definitely a big thank you and lots of love going out to you from me! I will try and keep updating more regularly, but my day job can be very time consuming! I am taking many photos just need to upload them and post them, I'm working on catching up though, promise!

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