Saturday, 6 December 2014


My boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Wednesday so we made sure we cleared our very busy work schedules so we could go to dinner. It was lovely and I was very lucky as he bought me several amazing presents that included clothing and a ring. It's so pretty! Anyway, this is what a wore; a skirt he also bought me! He's soooooo sweet. This skirt is a huge divergence away from what I would normally wear; for a start it's pink, then there's the length - ankle length is so not my scene, and it's all girly and satiny. However...I love it! It makes me feel like a princess and I was drawn straight to it when I saw it in H&M! I am definitely in love! But decided to dress it down a bit with my favourite white jumper from Topshop. Oh yeh, I chopped my hair off btw. This is it in it's wavy style. I keep having moments of love and loathing with it though. I think over all it's love...what do you guys think?

Skirt & necklace; H&M: shoes & jumper; Topshop

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