Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Summer Holidays

So...I'm poor and my boyfriend is hella busy at work so there's no summer holiday for me, booo! Although maybe there will be one in autumn and talk of such a holiday got me thinking about Miami and then.....I was perusing as I can only window shop atm, sad times, and well...THIS!

How perfect? With some sports luxe little black shorts and some sliders? Ergh, holiday heaven! Ah well, I can but dream! 
Check back soon to see what I got from Topshop with the voucher I got from work! (Hint it's sports luxe and I wore it to the Common Wealth Games - theme dressing love!)

I've been applying for jobs all day so going to make some scrambled eggs and smoked mackerel for my lunch, nom! That is if I can British Military Fitness (BMF from now on) class yesterday has left me stiff and sore....means it must be working!

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