Thursday, 10 July 2014

80s Child

Sorry I've been AWOL yet again guys! I've been stuck doing work constantly, which is sooooo depressing! And I've moved house! However the good news is school ends on 23rd July and I'm not going back in September, yay! So should have much more time to work on here and on the magazine. Another piece of good news is that since I've moved I now have a really cool roof I can take pictures on, as you can see above! Yup that's London in the background, you can just about see the London Eye. Different views to come soon. I've been taking lots of pictures but haven't posted any. I promise I am now attempting to catch up, so keep your eyes open for new posts!

Anyway, I wore this outfit for a lazy day last Sunday. I got dressed then realised just how 80s it was, which I love! Yes the 80s had bad hair and dodgy makeup but I really, really love the clothes! These jeans are such a go to piece at the moment in my wardrobe, which is cool considering I wasn't too sure when I bought them. I wasn't sure on the whole distressed denim thing; there was too much of it on British boybands back in the 90s for my liking! However am I now officially a long as it's on girls that is!

Hope you're all having a good week!

Glittery dance shoes; French Sole: boyfriend jeans & crop top; Topshop: shades; H&M: watch; Guess: bracelet; school summer fair.

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