Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cards Against Humanity

Went round to a friend's house to play Cards Against Humanity. An awesome game, especially the more inappropriate you get! It's ridiculously humid and hot in Osaka right now so it's hair up and cool clothes time! Unfortunately something really gross happened on the way home Tom and I were changing trains and crossing the platform, a really drunk Japanese guy vomited all over us! It was so gross! Luckily we weren't far from home so as soon as we got back we had a shower and did some laundry, but still, eeeeeeew! I tried some new nail stickers too. They look cute but the ends are always messy so maybe I won't be using them anymore as they only lasted one night. Last night was a fab BBQ and tonight was a leaving party. Photos to come soon! Must get to bed now as I'm off to the Osaka Beer Festival tomorrow, yay! Love national holidays! Night guys, hope your weekend has been as epic as mine!

Ballet flats; Marks & Spencers: All in one; shop in Ubud, Bali: Chain Ring; Topshop: Coral Leopard Print sunnies; LChance.

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