Thursday, 26 November 2009

Penguins and snowmen is how I feel.

Sorry I haven't posted any outfits in a while, I've been sooo busy at school that I just get up and shove the nearest thing on. Also the warmest thing! It got really cold here in Osaka recently and I swear it's colder in school than it is outside! The crappy thing is that they have no central heating in Japan so atm my school are just using the air con/heaters and haven't cracked out the much more effective gas heaters! I may have to break my shopping ban just to pick up some thermals so I'm not trying to teach English and shivering, it doesn't half mess with your pronunciation!

Anyway, I will have some more clothes related posts soon. I'm hoping my boyfriend picked me up a copy of American Vogue today when he was in town, I'm so far behind on the foreign mags here in Japan, and I currently only know about a hundred or so kanji so no reading Japanese Vogue for me yet! (Although sometimes I do just go and look at the pictures...)

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