Saturday, 28 November 2009

Polyvore Madness!

This dress really caught my eye, the draping would just suit anyone and make them look slim and curvy at the same time I feel! Here's my take on night and day, or dressed up and dressed down outfits with the dress.

When I was back in the UK in August this H&M skirt caught my eye but didn't buy it in the end(why, oh why?!) So here's how I would dress it if I had bought it and had money to buy the fabulous boots! You could do this either with a bare legged look for a warmer day or as it's freezing now, these tiger sheer paneled tights add something a bit different than just opaque ones I feel.

Oh and yes I am totally in love with the Sam Edelman boots and as soon as I have any money I am sooooo buying them (if anyone still stocks them by the time I have money)!

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