Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Challenge!

Hey, so here I am losing my blogging virginity! So, the point behind this blog?

I'm having some financial woes at the moment so I can't afford to go shopping! This is really hard for me as I am a 'shopaholic'!

So I have set myself a little challenge. I have decided that I will try and make new outfits out of my existing clothes. I have too many clothes, as my boyfriend often points out whilst rolling his eyes, and so I feel this should not be too hard...maybe I will even feel like I'm going shopping! Well, enough to stop the withdrawal shakes!

So, I'll hopefully be posting my daily outfits and documenting my results on here. Your comments and ideas would be very welcome as some days I just resort to jeans and a hoody and I need more inspiration!

Well, here goes!

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