Monday, 30 November 2009

Food or Boot?!

OK, so I know I'm not supposed to be shopping for at least a month, and I guess I'm doing OK so far but......I REALLY REALLY REALLY want the Sam Edleman Zoe boot, you know the Balenciaga knock-offs?
I'm concerned that the last few (there can't be many left anywhere in the world, surely) will be sold out soon...what to I buy them in late December/early January or wait until February or even March when all my debt is paid off (well, aside from the student loan...etc.etc)

Ergh, I know they're only boots and it's all material but.....I really want them, haha! I mean they're just so pretty! Ah well, i guess that's my self indulgent rant over. Sorry!


  1. I really like these but of course, I love the Balenciaga's more. I feel like when these Edelman's first came out they weren't so expensive, you know? But now, because they're so popular and the Balenciaga's are beyond the reach of most mere mortals, they've kept it just high enough so their expensive but low enough so you can begin to have rational/irrational debates over whether or not you need to pay the gas & electric bills for this month.

  2. I totally know what you mean! But then, my budget is never going to stretch to the real deal in the near future (or far actually) and these ones are so pretty and maybe attainable so...hah! When it comes round to a payday where I can afford them, maybe I'll have rationalised it to myself, then again maybe I won't buy them....but then again... ;p