Monday, 28 May 2012

Raving in the Woods in Kigurumi!

What the hell is a kigurumi? I assume this is your first thought if you're not in Japan. Well it's a furry onesie that's also a costume. Mine is Hello Kitty. You can get all sorts like Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Jack Skeleton, Pickachu etc. I've recently worn mine out for a hen party, the rave in the woods mentioned above and just randomly around the house at the weekends as it's so comfy.
Anyhoo the rave in the woods was awesome! We stayed up all night dancing the night away to psy trance, not usually my favourite but not bad, and watched the sunrise over the mountains. It was beautiful and awesome to be warm again! We were at a campsite in a little valley surrounded by lush green woods with no one to be annoyed by us! All in all I was up for about 34 hours, work on Monday was a bit tough, heh! Here's some pics. Man I'm gonna miss this country!

And here's a couple from the night of the hen party

The gorgeous bride and I, both in Hello Kitty kigurumis. Doesn't she have the most perfect tan and hair?!

Ergh, burnt my finger on my hair straighteners tonight, doh! It really hurts! Right, watching some Star Trek then to bed. Got a pretty tough day tomorrow!

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