Tuesday, 29 May 2012

And your great, great, great, grandaughter has gills!

Yeh, so the title came about after partying for like 14 hours, lol! My mate had a BBQ on his patio, after my boyfriend had been there for 7 hours we took a break for 2 and a half hours of karaoke and then went back to the party til about 6.30am. My boyfriend and I then went in a search for a bacon double cheese burger but BK and Maccy D's only had their breakfast menu, ergh. Luckily First Kitchen came to our rescue and we made it home around 7.30am. It seems I'm staying up and doing all nighters a lot atm, but I'm really not, honest!
Anyhoo, it's getting hotter and hotter in Japan, so here's what I wore for my all nighter! Oh yeh these pics were taken at like 6am when I'm pretty wasted, lol!

Playsuit; H&M (seen here): Cable knit sweater; nastygal: Jewellery; Versace for H&M: Shoes; Marks & Spencers: Sunglasses; LChance.

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