Friday, 29 March 2013

Blue Sea, Blue Sky, Ancient Ruins and a Medieval Town

Today was gloriously sunny and we spent most of the day in the Old Town of Rhodes. We also took a trip up a mountain to see an old monastery and some amazing views. There were so many peacocks there, and I think it might be mating season as the males were totally facing off with each other. They're so noisy! I also didn't know peacocks could fly (I know, I know...) I mean I thought they were like chickens, like low flying scrappy kinda thing, but apparently not! We went back into Rhodes Old Town for dinner and saw these cute medieval windmills (last picture) before we stuffed our faces at a fantastic restaurant. So far I'm loving Rhodes!
Oh yeh, we also drove through Faliraki but it was completely closed! Even the supermarkets had empty shelves, so weird! Although probably much more attractive than an open Faliraki!

1, 2 & 3 the blue, clear sea and sky.
4. Me at the acropolis.
5. Coat of arms down the Avenue of the Knights, Rhodes Old Town. 
6 & 7 peacock and views from the top of the mountain.
8. Medieval windmill.

Sandals; Sainsbury's: Jeans; Zara: Vest Top; Topshop: Cardigan; H&M: Necklace; New Look: Hat; Marks and Spencers.

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