Monday, 25 October 2010

The Man Repeller

I have just discovered the magnificent blog that is The Man Repeller.  This fantastic blog has put into words exactly how I (and my boyfriend) feel! Some fashion just down right scares men away! And not crazy fashion, simple things like clogs, harem pants, turbans and feathers! When I read my favourite fashion blogs my boyfriend will often point out how ridiculous, weird or just down right mingin' some (usually most) of the outfits are, yet I think they look lovely and want to emulate the girls/outfits/both! I have several outfits I deem inappropriate for wearing with the boyfriend as he'll just take the piss all night/day. I too man repel with out even knowing it, maybe even thinking I'm man attracting when really I'm most definitely not (blue satin-y overalls from Zara anyone?)! I love this blog as it's put a name to me and many of my clothes! And it also brings up the question, do we knowingly change our style when we're dressing to hang out with the girls as opposed to the lads?  I know I do!

Haha, my boyfriend just came and sat down next to me and when I explained about The Man Repeller he said 'ah so just like all the clothes you wear then?' I rest my case.

Right I'm off to help my boyfriend get his contacts out (spent most of the evening trying to get them in as it's his first time...the things we do for the ones we love hey?). Have a good Monday night / Tuesday morning.

Now these pants I personally love, my boyfriend is currently telling my just how hideous they are. Hehe!

All images from The Man Repeller.

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