Monday, 7 December 2009

The Mayor...and a free bar!

We got invited to some international party thing for our city. Apparently important type people were there such as the Mayor of Sakai, and some peeps from the American Consulate. I was much more focused on the buffet and open bar....oh and the raffle!

I'm wearing my Topshop wrap dress, L-chance stirrup tights, Zara shoes, Topshop blazer (bought for an interview) and my Topshop star quilted bag. The dress was bought a few years ago now, when I was like 17 or so, but I still love it!
All my necklaces were bought here in Japan. All were bought in Osaka except the 'pearls' which were from Tokyo. I have on a gold chain necklace with three types of chain, a gold one pence piece (how patriotic!) and a double charm neckalce along with the 'pearls'.

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