Thursday, 10 December 2009

Kenza's Competition

So the Swedish beauty Kenza has put up a competition on her blog to win some Hills box sets. Here's my attempt to win;

Why I should win the Hills box set;
a) I live for trash TV. My secret is out, the blonder, more bimbo like the characters the more I love it.
b) Japan sucks for foreign TV! You can rent stuff but they're like 3 seasons / series behind. Lame! And downloading whole series takes up space on my and my boyfriends computers (which really annoys him when it's something he doesn't watch/thinks is crap).
c) The clothes are sooooooooo pretty! It's like a trashy, LA, teenage version of Sex and the City, loves it!
d) I really really want it............

OK, so there's my reasons. Check out Kenza's blog here.
and the competition post here.

Fingers crossed!

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