Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Madness!

Aaaargh, so both mine and my boyfriends computers broke at roughly the same time, lame! So haven't been able to post anything. Also, have been mega busy what with work, tests, marking tests and getting ready for Christmas! I arrived back in the UK last night and it's snowing like mad! Haven't seen this much snow around here for ages so I am freezing! And wishing I'd packed some more jumpers. Am very excited to be off up to Sheffield tomorrow and I think a trip to Topshop and H&M for some warm clothes might be on the cards! Promise to update you with all my winter wonderland outfits soon and to post the pics from Tokyo (My boyfriend bought me some sexual shoes from Forever 21)!
After Sheffield I'm going up to Scotland with the family so not too sure on how internet connections will fair up there so I could be offline for a week or so. Have a happy Christmas and I'm sure I'll have some New Years outfit crisis or other to post about when I get back!

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