Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Jelly Shel'tter

I've not gone mad, the title is the names of two fashion magazines in Japan. Shel'tter is also a shop. I don't know why it's spelt that way....but anyway, do you remember in this post I was talking about how popular layering with maxi dresses is in Japan, well Osaka anyways, at the moment? Well here are some scans from the aforementioned magazines. First up we have Shel'tter:

If the top is crochet or a loose knit it seems to be even better. And of course no self respecting Shel'tter girl would be in flats, it's heels all the way!

Here's a look at Jelly magazine:

So here we have some street style photos. Yes these gorgeous girlies are 'normal' girls on the street, not models. Makes you want to go and cry into your bowl of Special K, no? Heh.

And here we can see some styling suggestions from the magazine itself. As you can see long and floaty is IN in a big way. Especially the layered look, be it a loose fitting top over a maxi dress or a long vest over a maxi skirt. Due to girls in Osaka being extremely fashion focused, I see the latest trend everywhere which means it starts to rub off on me, so there could be a few more posts of me in long flowy stuff over the months to come!

So what do you all think of Japanese style then?

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