Sunday, 19 June 2011


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I've had a fun weekend of pubquizzes and housewarming parties. Unfortunately it's rainy season though and the almost constant rain has got me feeling under the weather (pun intended...maybe). I'm just feeling very blah. Work is busy and kinda monotonous atm, lots of my friends are leaving Japan this summer so, yeh, definitely a glass is half empty kinda gal atm.

However, cheering me up is Elin Kling and her blog (check it out here). I've dipped in and out on occasion but I'm now an official regular reader. I love her hair (I miss my white blonde hair) and her basic, pared down colour wardrobe. She has basics that can just all go together so easily in an infinite number of combinations. Her use of colour is very precise too.
It must be so easy to get dressed if all your stuff goes together. But she never looks boring and her outfits are always new and beautiful. I'm thinking I may have to do something similar for my work wardrobe.
Having a staple wardrobe of basics that are easy to put together for work sounds very appealing. Although I love colour so would probably go crazy at the weekends when I have more time to think of an outfit. You also have the added bonus of a wardrobe that would never go out of style as you're not constantly following the trends. You could just buy the pieces that you liked of the current trends (if any).
In fact, the idea of such basics in my wardrobe was so appealing that I purchased some from NET-A-PORTER. I love the tracking feature for my package as it's really detailed. My package is now in Osaka but I have to wait until tomorrow to receive it as there's no post on Sunday, boo!
I'm not entirely sure I've been at all articulate here, sorry! Here are some pics of Elin to illustrate my point.

Well, you get the idea. What's your take on basics?

All images from stylebykling

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