Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So, as I said before, I went to Singapore over the Spring holidays with Tom and my parents. Here are a few outfit pics from my time there. It was AWESOME btw, you should totally go!

1+2 are from our morning in the botanical gardens. Wearing Topshop dress, from like 5 years ago, Zara flats and scarf.
3+4 are from my Dad's birthday celebrations. These are from the bar on the top of Marina Bay Sands (you know that famous building in Singapore). Wearing dress and bag from H&M, wedges from somewhere in Osaka...
5 is from the night we went to the Night Safari, which is sooooooo awesome as you get to go around the zoo at night and see all the nocturnal animals. Wearing Zara pants (which I am obsessed with atm), Topshop tank and jacket.

Right, I should go workout before I pass out! The start of term is so tiring after doing nothing since, like, February! Have a good Tuesday!


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