Thursday, 19 April 2012

I'm Back!

Hey guys. Sorry about the long absence! I went on holiday to Singapore (pics to come), then our internet was down and then the new school year started so I've been crazy busy!
How've you guys been? Good I hope!
So for my first post in a while I thought I'd share my thoughts on the Stella McCartney Waffle dress. I think I've seen it worn badly more than I have well so I'm not too sure I like it, however when it's worn right (like LeAnn Rimes) it looks pretty good! What do you think?

The print is too much for a long dress, especially in red, I feel and I'm not sure about the long sleeve on Gwyneth, otherwise it's not actually that bad in the blue.

Oh Rumer, Rumer, Rumer...Just no! It fits badly, the length is all wrong and her accessories are, well, just no!

Dya see what I'm getting at? How much better is this? Short hemline, short (no) sleeves so the print isn't too much and a bangin' body underneath makes the dress look fab! Just how Stella imagined it to be worn, I would imagine!

Talking of bangin' bodies I've just started a new workout plan and a) it's killing me and b) I need to go work out. Some pics from my holiday and some outfit pics to be put up soon, I promise!

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