Friday, 16 August 2013


I've finally decided what I want as my next tattoo, yay! But....I have yet to decide where. I really want it somewhere on my arm, however being a Primary teacher and already having one visible tattoo on my wrist I'm not so sure this will go down well with the parents...
But anyways, here are some photos I've been using for inspiration for placement for my latest one. Now I just need to save up enough cash (this could take!).

 photo tumblr_lhstiwI1nW1qaa6k6o1_500_large.jpg

 photo Celebrity-Ink-Erin-Wasson_large.jpg

 photo tumblr_ln288qbwjD1qezlt4o1_500_large.jpg

 photo tumblr_ll7g8r8O4J1qam2q6o1_500_large.jpg

 photo 319725_360596394000217_1093219995_n_large.jpg

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