Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Second Tattoo

So I'm slightly OCD when it comes to numbers, I have a thing about odd numbers...moving on! I realised the other day if I only get one new tattoo then I'd have seven, so maybe I should get two like last time so I'd have eight! I was thinking I want one behind my ear and I want a feather tattoo. There are loads of pictures on Google and such that show truly horrific feather tattoos behind the ear and elsewhere which has put me off for ages, then I came across this picture and, well, perfection!

I love how it follows the contours of her ear and hair, and the outline isn't solid like some feather designs. So yeh I'm thinking this one and a quote on my arm. When I have the money anyway! Oh and a nose piercing too...hmmm...maybe being a primary teacher wasn't the best idea I've ever had!

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