Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Night out with my "brothers"

Before all this lovely weather hit, I went for a few (read; several) pints with two of the best guys in the world! It was a little rainy but still warm so this be what I wore.
Sorry I've been a bit AWOL again, my supposedly amazing man has split up with me so slowly crawling up out of the pit of despair I've fallen into. On a happier note I am mid-clothing crisis! As in I have Graduation in 4 days and NOTHING TO WEAR! :O Desperately trying to decide, but have thrown most of my stuff away recently to downsize a bit...hmmmm...sure I'll work something out!
More posts coming soon guys, as I was up in Scotland last week in the amazing 29/30 degree heat and I actually wore dresses in the day :O Check back for these posts soon!

Boots, jeans, vest; Topshop: Jacket & necklace; H&M.

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