Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Get Your Legs Out!

I'm not one for wearing dresses in the day unless they're maxi to be honest. I think I picked up a phobia of my legs being on show in Japan as they're all super skinny over there and tanned so mine felt all short, pale and wobbly in comparison. However now I'm back in the UK and it's BOILING, I'm so down for flashing a little (or a lot) of leg! And also trying out some fake tan, not that you can tell here. That's how pale I am! As you can probably tell, I love stars, to the point of having a star tattoo, so this scarf and dress combo from H&M are a new favourite. Might be giving the scarf a miss now it's even hotter though!

Scarf, dress, cardigan & shades: H&M: gold rose flats; .

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