Saturday, 18 May 2013

New Hair!

Sorry I've been gone for over a month. It's been madness at my new placement! We had Ofsted in (the inspectors), then I had an interview, then I had an external examiner in to observe my lesson then the next day my university tutor was in to observe me. Crazy times! The even crazier thing is that I got the job I went for! It was the only school I applied to, my first ever interview, and I got the job! Madness!
Anyhoo...I got new hair....What dya think?

So........I got a lot of length taken off and a fringe, eeek! I love it but it also kinda bugs me at the moment, hah! Right I'm off to get ready for eurovision!

Boots; Topshop: Boiler; River Island: Necklace; gift.

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