Thursday, 3 February 2011

One swallow does not make a spring, nor does one fine day.

I feel the need for a new tattoo. I want one on my wrist and I've wanted a swallow tattoo for ages as I love the history behind them. So I'm thinking a swallow on my wrist. But still not sure. I often take a long time before I definitely decide to get a new tattoo. I currently have four and don't regret a single one! Here are some cute tattoo pictures. I wouldn't get colour though. It's just a personal choice but I don't think colour tattoos would suit me.

Tattoo Design  Tattoo Design   Tattoo Design   Tattoo Design

Although I may get some text...hmmm....I also want a tattoo on the upper part of my forearm like this

And I also want one on the inside of my bicep like this

Due to living in Japan though tattoos are a definite taboo, especially as I'm a teacher. Most of my kids have spied my lower back tattoo due to reaching up for the screen but I try to hide them as much as possible so a wrist tattoo might be a bit much! Ah we'll have to see. Once the idea of a new tattoo gets a hold of me I really can't let it go!

Images via tattoojohnny, vanishingtattoo and karlascloset.

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