Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey guys. Sorry I've been AWOL. I was on holiday for 3 weeks.
My boyfriend and I went to Texas for our friends wedding. I love Texas! We went to San Antonio where they have the gorgeous River Walk and such good food! Then I went home, well up to Scotland actually, for Christmas with the family but got caught up in all the flight delays, but that's another story! Then I went down to London for New Years to see my boyfriend and do a job interview test thingy. So as you can see I've been meccha busy!

I just got back into Japan yesterday evening and the boyfriend gets back this evening so it's a day of food shopping, washing and tidying for me, oh joy!

So instead of loading all my holiday pics in one go, here's my Lanvin loves H&M dress I got. I wore it out to a birthday party just before we left for Texas and I love it! Although the width is maybe not best for Japan....kept getting squished in the street and in the bar, haha!

Lanvin loves H&M dress, H&M aviator jacket, American Apparel scarf, JC Lita boots.


  1. love it!
    i considered getting it but decided 1) it wouldn't look good on me 2) money :(
    but it looks great on you!!!


  2. Yeh I spent quite a while in the changing rooms going 'It's very big....' but in the end I decided it made me feel like a princess so I bought it, lol! And I'd been saving to buy something from the collection as I'm that sad ;p

    J xxx