Thursday, 14 January 2010

Style Icon: Kate Moss

I love, love, love Kate Moss! Both her modeling and her personal style. I love how when she finds an item she loves she will wear it over and over again. Like her over the knee boots, or her waistcoats or her denim hot pants! She was always an inspiration when I was growing up too for so many reasons. One important reason was that she's super skinny and super successful without looking like she's starving herself to death. She looks like she may naturally be that thin. I'm not saying super skinny is the be all and all, it's just that when I was a teenager I was super skinny too! (Hard to believe now, I know!) In fact people used to think I was anorexic and it was about this time that curvy girls were 'in' and being skinny or slim was a big no no! So I had Kate Moss to keep my self confidence going and keep me inspired with her rock chick, laid back style. Love her!

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