Monday, 18 February 2013

Sherbet Feathers

Well I've had one hell of a Sunday! Not in the best mood to be honest, so watching some Sex and the City to cheer myself up, it seems to be working! Hopefully a session at the gym tomorrow will be therapeutic too. Can't be doing with people sometimes, lol!
I'm back at university now, not too sure how I feel about this as I miss the kids, but the pressure is off a bit, well that's a lie...we have so much work due in for uni too, aaaargh! Ok, I'll stop boring you now. This is a quick sneak peek at what I wore to uni on Friday and my new Nails Inc feather polish. It looks more like hundreds and thousands but also kind of like feathers. I also got the leather look one which I'll be giving a go soon too, pics to come!

Sorry the camera didn't focus too well...

Trousers; Topshop: Beanie; H&M: Nail Varnish; Nails Inc.

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