Monday, 19 November 2012

Bath Film Festival 2012 Opening Night

I was invited to the opening night of the Bath Film Festival to snap some pictures of the snazzily dressed attendees. I then got to see Safety Not Guaranteed which is an AMAZING film and you should definitely go see it if you haven't all ready! I'm also hoping to get to see the Diana Vreeland movie, The Eye Has To Travel and Bill Cunningham New York. They have a ton of other brilliant films on too, I would highly recommend Duel, Steven Spielbergs first ever movie, which was made for TV if I am not mistaken. It has been remade into a tragically awful teen horror movie at some point in the 90s under a different name. there's an hour and a half I'm never getting back! But the original is a suspenseful masterpiece! To find out more info check out their website here. It's on from the 14th to the 25th November. Anyhoo, back to the clothes!

 I love this girls jacket! And the glasses are super cute!

I adore the accessories she is wearing! They really take the outfit up a level. Casual chic done perfectly, no?

 This dude was taking the mick out of me photographing his friend, but I liked his colour combination!

 This dude is so Bath. I love the orange bag, it's from Baggu. The jacket and bag really go well in an unexpected way, and I've always got a soft spot for a v-neck and a scarf on a man.

 Pink on a man can go so wrong! But he's picked the perfect colour, the elbow pads add a little extra something to the outfit, and the trousers and checked shirt keep the pink from being,well, wrong, heh!

 The trousers, need I say more?!

 Beautiful handmade poppy! Puts the paper ones to shame!

 My friend, who is helping to organise all things Film Festivally in an amazing jumpsuit by New Look (I think...).

My other friend in yet another New Look creation!

Right I'm in work tomorrow, so I'm going to attempt to get to sleep again. I've picked up a cold and sleep is not forthcoming :( Don't forget to check out the Bath Film Festival website for more info here. And check back tomorrow to see what I wore...I'll give you a hint, it involved sequins!

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