Sunday, 24 June 2012


How beautiful is the bride? I love her dress, and not an inch of lace in sight! (Getting a bit bored of the Kate Middleton effect!) Also, how gorgeous is my red headed friend? I LOVE her outfit so much!
It was such a fabulous wedding! I cried like a baby a few times though, haha! There was lots of drinking, dancing and bingo! There's always bingo at Japanese weddings. My lucky mate won an iPad ! The room was decorated all out with British flags which was obviously awesome and the food was almost British in a Japanese way, my faves were the sausages!
This is the dress I chose in the end. Mainly due to the fact I had no time to redo my nail varnish so this was the one that went best with my pink nails! After the wedding we went out for some karaoke and we didn't get back until maybe 3am so I've mainly been recovering today. I played Civilization (a board game) with some friends and ate pizza. My hangovers are always the worst when I've been drinking wine all night! I have an important day at work coming up on Tuesday so I should probably be off and get ready!

Dress, jacket, bag, earrings; H&M: Gold ring and bracelet; Versace for H&M; Shoes; Misch Masch

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