Thursday, 16 September 2010

Please just hire me, I'm good, I promise!

Argh! Am currently filling in my first application form since moving to Japan 2 years ago. Trust me to pick yet another highly competitive job with a long and complicated application form! Currently they want me to fill in all the modules I did at Uni, so four years worth, and their results.....erm.....what?! I so totally can't remember and all that stuff is back in my house in England so have to keep annoying my parents to find stuff. Aaaargh, tis so frustrating!

On top of that, the bf is moving in to my apartment on Sunday and I'm so not ready! Tidying and clearing is not going well and have to work till 4.15pm on Saturday.....eeeeek!

Add to that I actually have a full time job and it's all a bit hectic here at the moment and I can't wait for the weekend, after I've been to work, hehe!

On a happier note, popped in to Zara for the first time today since before my summer hols and.....I want 60-70% of it, bring on Friday (payday)!

Hope you're all having a much more stress free week!

Jen xxx

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